Additional Installations

Tailor Made, Installation view, Contemporary Arts Center, New Orleans, Louisiana, 1998

This installation included approximately one dozen motorized tripods with light. Moving at various speeds, the pieces cast light and shadow patterns of both the work and the viewers.
2000 Charlotte Street Awards, Group Show, Kansas City Artists Coalition, Kansas City, MO, 2000

Above: Various installation views of Untitled Signals.  This exhibition included the recipients of the 2000 Charlotte Street Awards. These pieces were built with motors, hardware and steel barrels, and were a continuation of studio experiments involving the principles of “forced oscillations.” Similar to swinging on a swingset, a counterweight on the top of the barrel caused it to rock back and forth. With all elements in balance, the motion became smooth and continuous.

3DKC, A four-person show representing Kansas City Sculptors, Forum For Contemporary Art, St. Louis, MO, 1997

This installation also utilized the principal of “forced oscillations.” It was a companion to New Signals, shown earlier that year.




Active Mode, Three-Person Exhibition, Spaces, Cleveland, OH, 2001

This installation was a continuation of studio experiments with moving light and shadow patterns. This work utilized movement created by electric fans attached to the structureholding the light fixtures, with the resulting configurations”flying” back and forth in random patterns.