Bemis Dock

Commissioned by Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts, Omaha, NE, 2011

The Bemis dock, essentially it’s front porch, has been transformed into an outdoor installation with the inclusion of public art commissions and an ongoing “exhibition” of the Bemis Gardens. (See more about Bemis Garden)

In this context, the commissioned guardrail system becomes a drawing in space, working to interact in the broader curatorial composition of the site.

Initiated during the implementation phase of the Library project, this commission naturally folded into the broader scope of the Bemis Bonding Project, which will eventually include the rehabilitation of the administrative offices.

In concert with the rail project, the first of three “light stations” was installed near the entrance. The wall, initially conceived as a sign location, becomes a visual marker and helps establish a sculptural/installation vernacular for the site.