Freight House Signal Project

Commissioned for the Freight House Redevelopment by Kansas City Freight House, LLC, Kansas City, Missouri, 1997


The Freight House sits along side the main rail artery in downtown Kansas City,  adjacent to Union Station. The area, historically, was a mix of warehouses and light industry whose buildings are now being redeveloped as office space, lofts, galleries and restaurants. My intent with the work was to bring into focus the historical remnants and functions of the area and bridge these with the present. Using traditional sign making materials I constructed a series of SIGNALS, new information stripped of any direct reference to the past but offering a connection with the nature of the environment.

The FREIGHT HOUSE SIGNAL PROJECT consists of eleven animated light arrays mounted atop 20 – 30 foot high poles, as well as numerous single area light fixtures on a four acre parking area for the re-developed railroad freight house. As well as designing and fabricating the “Signals”, I worked in collaboration with el dorado inc. in developing and designing overall area site lighting, traffic flow patterns, and pedestrian access to the site. Each SIGNAL is constructed of raw steel with sign light hardware and bare light bulbs. Each is controlled by a series of sign flashers and controllers.