Solo Exhibition, Review Studio Exhibition Space, Kansas City, MO,  2007




This installation was created with reference to the Midwestern urban experience, not as a metaphorical model, but rather a set of structures and conditions that play with the idea that our sense of “correctness” in the perception of the environment often depends on our ability to mend visual dissonance with fluid, changing conceptual frameworks.

This reference spans perceptions from the urban landscape to a particular set of ad-hoc situations, such as material salvage, storage, junk stores and pawn shops, arising from ideas of rehabilitation, re-use, and make-do with materials and debris from previous functions. I am responding to an environment of continual change, and with it the scars and decay as well as the new.

The idea of rehabilitation has also moved, in the process of working, across the boundaries of urban reference, and into the processes and history of my work: rehabilitating used up or discarded materials, re-aligning functions surrounding use and information, and regenerating past ideas, including video experiments and sound, bringing them all into shifting frames of reference that mirror a skeletal look at the environment around us, and how we respond to it.

Images courtesy Mike Sinclair and James Woodfill