Student Work

A selected survey of my student’s work from the past seven years, showing a diverse set of intentions, processes, materials and strategies.

Miranda Bertucci, Grid, 2013, Ink on newsprint, 10 by 11inches

Jake Overstreet, Elephant Rocks, 2014, Ink soap wash on Mylar on panel with oil paint, 36 by 24 inches

Haley Treadwell, Untitled, 2014, 9 by 12 inches

Keller Gordon, Untitled, 2013, 26 by 18 inches, Plaster, limestone, rope and mixed media

Abraham Diaz, 1-8, 2013, 20 by 20 inches, digital print

Polly Wilson, Untitled, 2013, milk paint, pigment on paper

Jennifer Hayden, Cut, 2013, 13 by 14 inches, plaster and hardware

Alec Wright, Untitled, 2013, wood, oil paint and lime dust, 32 by 32 by 14 inches

Christian Velasquez, Untitled, 2013, digital print on Phototech

Jon Bennett, Untitled (Catalogued materials), 2013, mixed media

A desktop video project of Jon Bennett’s is HERE.

Samantha Ludwig, 2234 Rowan St., 2014, graphite on paper

Julian Stropes, Untitled (Engines series), 2014, mixed media, 18 by 24 inches

Scott Foulk, Untitled Installation, 2013, styrafoam, carpet padding

Phillip Bakala, But I’m Not Putting Out for God Tonight III (The Rape of the Daughters of Leukippos), 2013, digital Image

Jordan Hauser, Red/Green, 2013, mixed media on panel

Hannah Lodwick, On/Documented, 2013, digital print, on demand book project, 11 by 17 inches

Andrew Dwyer, Untitled Construction/Installation, 2014, mixed media

Tyson GoughUntitled (capsule form) Cardboard, styrofoam, plastic, and packing tape;  Approx 14” x 10” diameter, 2009-2010

A selection of Tyson’s videos can be found here.


Erick Figueroa, both images above, Untitled, mixed media, 2008


Stuart Smith, Untitled, mixed media installation with photographs, truck parts and miscellaneous found and constructed parts, 2011


Max Crutcher, Untitled, ink and collage on paper, 2009

Max Crutcher Video: Untitled (Red Chairs), digital loop, February 2009

Website: A recent show at Spray Booth Gallery


Jay CantyUntitled,  found objects and scrap wood, 2008


Jane Sheldon,  “Tell Me,” a man in a cap holds a small child and asks him questions, acrylic and ink on paper, 2009



Michelle Kozubek, Untitled, plastic, 2011


Frederick Vorder-Bruegge, End2end,  Acrylic, acrylic roofing tar, foam core, found freight container cap, masonite, oil, pine, plywood, spackle, screws, tacks, 68” x 19”, 2011


Will AndersonBzat M de Herquast, Tape, paper, oil stick, graphite, charcoal, 2010


Christina Dostaler“Untitled” Acrylic on paper and monofilament. 2009



Brad Williams, Untitled, oil on canvas, 2009


Justin Farkas, Untitled, mixed media with acrylic, 2009


Julian Chams, Untitled, Installation view (window) Inkjet print on note cards, tape, 2011



Additional Past Student Web Sites:

A selection of previous students’ current websites.

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