section: hacked lackey

In collaboration with eldorado inc., February, 2011

Collaborations come in different forms. This project could be seen simply as my reaction to, or manipulation of a pre-existing object – eldorado’s “Lackey” table. But, framed as collaboration, it necessarily refers to the ongoing relationship that I have with eldorado, spanning almost 15 years, dozens of projects and hundreds of hours of conversation with them.

My decisions within this project reflect this dialog. My intentions are numerous: to negotiate agreement and common ground; to argue and provoke discussion about form and context; to challenge their decisions, as their work challenges mine – all through an examination and reaction to the formal and pragmatic decisions that made up the design of the Lackey.

Above is the “Lackey,” a modular table system designed and fabricated by eldorado inc architects. This image shows two “lackeys” coupled together with another in the background. Pictured below are  studio shots showing a series my “collaborated” adjustments to a single table, with the bottom two images showing the final results.