Mike Sinclair Images – Flag Studio – November 5, 2013

Mike Sinclair has documented my installation work  numerous times, and I have had the opportunity to collaborate with him through exhibitions and critiques on a number of occasions.

I have intended for many years to gauge my installations in variable frames, making decisions both “locally” within individual modules and “globally” in regards to the site as a whole. Mike’s portraits of downtown Kansas City and Topeka, along with his photographic views of my work over the years have played a large role in helping me to form a more direct reference for my work from the Midwest urban environment.

When I moved my studio back to Midtown I worked to more directly engage the quality of the space I was working in, and I have been using the constructions that I make as props in an ongoing series of “rehearsals” that are meant to find resonance with the space as it seems and as it is used. These rehearsals often change daily, and as they become more comprehensive in how they affect the architectural sense of the space I wanted to be more diligent in recording them. As a primer for how to do this, I asked Mike to show me what he saw, and these images are the result of his chronicle of one of these rehearsals.

These images move beyond the idea of documenting the sculptural/painterly work and take on the task of understanding the sense of place composed with objects in relationship to the architectural nature of the studio space. These images also act as part of the ongoing conversation Mike and I are having about the urban environment and our reaction to it.