Light Ramp (Device)

Design Team:
Artist: James Woodfill
Architect: Pendulum
Project Manager: DuBois Consultants Inc.
General Contractor: Turner Construction, Inc.
Fabrication: Zahner
Project Intern: Andrew Ordonez

Project Video


The design of the substation surrounding wall offers a distinct, sculptural presence for the entire site. It has been my goal to arrive at a point of collaboration with this design – in essence, to include an installation that marries the intent of the designers with my visual language, bringing about a synthesis of art and architecture.

This site is electric. The broad use of LED lighting around the perimeter establishes the condition of collaboration for me. The designated Public Art area becomes a knuckle of sorts as one moves around the site, and this location has become, for me, the point where the site turns itself inside out. The point where the sparks fly. The gap in the continuity of the perimeter where the maximal flow of energy is observed, like the spark climbing up a jacob’s ladder. It is a place where perceptual energy is dispersed into the environment.

Detail image showing the daytime presence of the Light Ramp.


All images courtesy artist.