Table Set (phase 1)

Commissioned for a private residence, Omaha, NE, 2011-12

Materials: dark walnut and hand sanded, waxed steel.

Built as a versatile set of three tables that can connect to form a 16′ formal dining table for this new home in Omaha, the material palette is simple and direct and offers a contrasting dialog with the surrounding material rich environment.

The structural details start with a formal symmetry when the tables are combined. The incredible transparency of light in the space is amplified with the series of reveals between tables and between to structure and the top, visible as you approach the tables from the entry into the space.

As the tables separate, they can also be raised to bar height. The formality starts to dissolve into a more casual set of relationships.

The formal nature of the table set can also be mitigated with a diverse seating strategy. The simplicity of the structural design allows for ongoing experiments with a variety of chairs and benches as the clients fine-tune their living environment.

Phase 2, upcoming this spring, will include a number of outdoor furniture projects.

This project was commissioned in conjunction with Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts, Omaha, NE