Bemis Library

Clare Haas Howard Research Library
Commissioned by Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts, Omaha, NE, 2011

The renovation of the library was born out of a discussion started to address the renovation and reorganization of the Bemis administrative offices. As a first phase, the Library is indicative of Bemis as a gathering place for intense dialog and artistic production.

The scope of this project includes the architectural re-arrangement of the space, the design and fabrication of a 36′ conference table, site lighting, and shelving rehabilitation, including moveable magnetic signage.

As a site of potential, both the outer library foyer, and the interior library offer extensive work and meeting space and direct access to a major collection of of art, design and architecture books.

The library is the first phase of the “Bemis Bonding Project,” a long-term set of commissions and collaborations to be executed over the next year.┬áThe project involved fabrication both in Omaha and Kansas City, and much of the project was executed in direct collaboration with the Bemis staff.