Cause + Effect

Commissioned by Port Authority of Kansas City, in conjunction with the “Town of Kansas Enhancements” project, designed and executed by KEM Studios, Kansas City, MO, 2010

Project team: James Woodfill, Artist,  and el dorado inc, Architects

Cause + Effect Video

Over the last decade both el dorado inc and myself have participated in a number of planning projects surrounding the riverfront area of KC and the Riverfront Heritage Trail. Ultimately, a series of “Stations” that provoked an awareness of the city’s interactions with the natural environment was conceived, and CAUSE + EFFECT is the first iteration of these projects.

Situated within the zone of enhancements designed by KEM Studios at the head of a footbridge, this installation provokes the acknowledgement of the large electrical sub-station adjacent to the site. Our intentions were to contrast the use of wind and solar power generation to the massive infrastructural elements that define the city’s interaction with the environment.