Commissioned by Brad and Linda Nicholson for the rehabilitated TWA Office Building and Parking Structure, Kansas City, MO, 2007.

Project Team:
James Woodfill, Artist
el dorado inc., Architect
Helix, Architect
Off The Grid Landscaping, Landscape Design

Zipper Video

This installation was concieved in response to the grid and the TWA Building’s original emphasis on modular structure. It is located where the building and its new adjacent parking structure connect and is intended to act as reference for both structures and their use of grids and regiment in their organization.

The cast plastic forms reinforce the grid, but with closer examination also show evidence of their hand-made status. The intent is to offer an ongoing series of relationships between the structures, the plantings and the sculptural elements to bring the grid into direct correspondence with human activity.

The installation runs approximately 100 feet in length, extending down the main entrance corridor for the building. The installation is constructed with steel, motors, hardware and cast urethane plastic.