Groove Tubes

Commissioned for Missouri Bank and Trust’s Drive-Thru Banking Facility, by Missouri Bank and Trust, Kansas City, MO. Completed Fall 2000 (Original Installation).

Groove Tubes Video

Original Installation
The original installation, in a drive-thru bank facility, consisted of two areas containing a total of five rotating shafts holding approximately fifteen cast foam and rubber tube forms. External lighting produces a variety of shadow forms on the wall behind the installation.This installation was intended to act as a companion of sorts for those who use the drive-thru facility. By presenting work with a distinct pace, made with industrial materials and processes, I wanted to bring into focus the experience and surroundings of the facility.
Original Installation

Groove Tubes was originally installed in 2000, and subsequently removed in 2008. It has since been re-configured as an adjustment to changes made at the site, and was re-installed in 2011.

Reinstallation Video

Reconfigured (studio mockup), 2011
Reconfigured Installation Views (2011)