Commissioned for the Kansas City International Airport by the Kansas City Municipal Arts Commission One Percent for the Arts Program. Completed 2004.

Deuce Video

This commission is a three phase installation, located in three separate stair towers adjacent to the parking areas at Kansas City International Airport in Kansas City, MO. Each location houses a pair of rotating fluorescent “signals”.

DEUCE was included in the Americans for the Arts/Public Art Network annual “Year in Review.”

The towers seemed to be many things, but often they could be seen from dual points of view. Inside or outside. Coming or going. Daytime or nighttime.  DEUCE is intended to attach to and amplify these issues. By adding a sense of “event” to the space, the work acts as a marker of movement from one form of transportation to another.
The work was constructed in a pragmatic, functional manner. In a signal rich environment, my intent was to create work that acted as an information provider, constantly moving the focus between “what the object is” and “what the signal does.”

DEUCE is visible from the outside as well as inside the towers. The crystalline, glass and steel structure of the tower duplicates the signals through reflection, letting the towers act as an amplifier of its own contents. It is this integration that allows the towers themselves to act as signaling locations – hubs of transference and pace change – moving the resolution of the work from object to site.